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Thank you for stopping by to visit. It’s a pleasure to work with you on your insurance needs. As an active agent for over 30 years specializing in long-term care and Medicare Supplement products,

I am here to help.

For my many current clients, an update about me and Dana Brown Insurance is in order. First, I was married in December of 2012, 12/12/12 to be exact, and now have a new last name. I am now (happily) Dana Engdahl. The company name remains Dana Brown Insurance.

Unfortunately, in February of 2013, I was also diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. This was such a surprise as I always had my yearly mammograms. This test showed “all clear” on the day of my diagnosis too. It was an ultrasound that confirmed something was wrong. To make a long story short, I am blessed to have survived a combination of traditional and alternative treatment options over a 2-year period and am doing great today.

I plan to continue to do great!

I did have to make some life style changes in order to continue to save my health. I decided to limit the type of new insurance sales I provide to Medicare Supplements and Long-term care insurance. Though I have limited my practice to these products, my 30+ years of experience with this coverage is my motivation to remain an active agent. I am also actively servicing all in-force policies for my clients. It is a blessing to do so.

I look forward to working with you in the future and invite you to contact me . . .

Even if it is to say hi!



Long Term Care (LTC) is different from medical care. It refers to a wide range of supportive personal and social services needed by people who are unable to care for themselves for an extended period of time. This may be caused by accident, illness or frailty.

Medicare Supplement

Medicare is health insurance for people age 65 or older, under age 65 with certain disabilities, and those with End-Stage Renal Disease. Medicare covers many health care services and supplies, but there are many "gaps" it doesn't cover


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